A complete review for my favorite arcade game!

User Rating: 8.6 | Small Arms X360
In this game everything is about killing your opponent before he kills you. Each of the 12 characters have his or her own weapon, all with two separate firing modes(a regular attack, and a special attack which takes away a lot of your ammo). Some of the characters start off with underpowered weapons, but before long other weapons plus food and ammo starts falling out of the sky in true Super Smash Bros. style. The control scheme of this game is just brilliant, and very easy to get a hang of. Graphics:
This has to be the best graphics to date in an arcade game. I sure can't think of an arcade game with better graphics. Now why the heck would GameSpot give the graphics a 6? I honestly have no idea.

There's not much music in this game, but the sound effects delivers, and that's what matters.

The cost of this game is just where it should be, at 800. There's a number of different game modes, and I'll write about them all: In single-player mode, you've got a training mode, which takes max 2 minutes to complete and teaches you everything you need to know about this game. There's also a mission mode which you have to clear in order to unlock the bottom 4 characters, plus a challenging survival mode. There's also good use of achievements to encourage you to get as far as possible, especially in survival. If you don't have Xbox Live Gold, you're going to get tired of this game pretty fast. But with Gold, the value is much better. Up to 4 players can play online, or on local multiplayer, and this is where the game excels. There's a vide variety of different maps to choose from, each featuring a totally different gameplay experience, and there's also three victory conditions to choose from: Timed, Survival or first to reach x amount of kills.

All in all my favorite arcade game, the only thing that messes up a 9 in this slot is the horribly bugged achievements. Don't get me wrong, the achievements themselves are well placed and really improves the value, but two of them are bugged. If you're 50th win is local multiplayer, you will NEVER get the 50 wins achievement. You're 50th win has to be in single player or via Xbox Live. The same goes for the 100 wins achievements, but there's another bug for that achievement. It's actually 500 wins, yes 500. I've been checking the Gastronaut Studios forums from time to time, and they say that they're still working on the bug fix. It's been like 6 months since the game was released, so you'd think the bugs were fixed. But no, I doubt they ever will. And I'll never get that damn 50 wins achievement...