Which ancestors do you expect/want to see in the game?

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 Rioichi and Galleth are the only of Sly's ancestors we know for sure.

There's supposed to be a pirate level so I think we'll see Henriette "One-Eye" Cooper. (We need at least one girl Cooper.)

Personally I want to see Tennessee Kid Cooper. He's supposed to use a gun so that'll offer some variety.


Side Note: If you watch the first movie in Sly 1 Henriette is that secret agent looking Cooper (a guy) but in Sly 3 "he" becomes a female pirate. It's just weird.

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I would really like to see Slytunkahmen (I or II, I'm not picky). So far he seems to be the earliest known Cooper, maybe even the original patriarch. It would be cool if Sly actually had a hand in establishing the Cooper lineage of thieves.

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So far they've confirmed rioichi, sir galleth, salim al kupar and tenisee kid cooper and there's speculation about slaigh MCcooper but I would be surprised if slytunkahmen wasn't in the game after all he is the first known cooper or second depending on your preference and for that matter I would much rather see him than slaigh who in my opinion is just the coopers version of Murray and would play out like Murray