An outlook on the future

User Rating: 7 | Slime Rancher XONE

Slime ranchers was free for Xbox one with games with gold in August of 2017. I was planning on picking slime ranchers up anyways so I was glad when I snatched it up for the low low price of free. Overall I did have a fun time with it but really that's it. The game is being constantly updated for free and I am thinking about jumping in again to put some more hours into the colorful and cute world this game encompasses but I can't help but feel like the entire game is the first 10 hours of my play time on repeat. After you get a good slime farm going, a good amount of gems to convert to currency, a suit that can regenerate health fast and have tons of energy to jetpack and run everywhere the game becomes a series of unlocking more plots of land and gates so you are able to capture a rarer slime than you already have to make more money to do the same thing all over again. I feel as though the game has a good gameplay loop but needs more to throw off the cycle. Maybe other weather types like rain, wind, snow, hail, and even sandstorms. Maybe some more types of creatures to invade your farm. Even possibly something like the Gordo slime but that is a boss that helps pull the story past journal entry and pushes you closer to some kind of end game. I am aware that some of these Ideas might not have been what the creators envisioned but there just Ideas. Even though all those things would be cool in some form all I really want is a game that has more variety and something like I said to throw off the loop. But my excitement to see what could be improved and my outlook on the future is really a testament to the quality and innovation this game exerts.