This is a good game. But not what people should buy.

User Rating: 6 | Slender: The Arrival PC
This is a game that I had mixed signals with. It was the same feel of Slender: The Eight Pages. I hated the fact that it was all collecting and no actual jump scares. It was the exact same as the original. Find the items, don't get caught. Yes there was a scare or two and the graphics were fantastic for a indie game. It was never Slenderman or Kate that scared me. It was always just the atmosphere when i thought he would pop up in the most unlikely places that were light and even creepier than the areas when they really pop up. You expect it but it never comes. Then you do see it coming and the scare is gone. Honestly if you want to make a good Slender game, put yourself in an area in which there are no woods or anything. Make a normal start like any other game. Make a nightmare or something. But don't make it like all the others. Make it unexpected where you don't see him coming. They need to try harder. Don't buy it.