Graphics seem divine, good FP qualities, intriguing completely such a mysterious and new franchise, should be scarier

User Rating: 10 | Slender: The Arrival PC
Hate to see such a beautiful idea rock up with sick graphics as a waste of time. Already impressed with the screenshots, the FP positioning seems appropriate and got me really excited to be scared in poo running through the forest.
I hope theirs no secret dark agendas even though they ARE intensly cool, because what i feel i'm looking at when i see those screens IS the greatest horror movie as well as game.
You could anticipate the noises if lack of them, to intensify this game and i feel it will be one of a kind, i like that you have to run away its so so exciting, so many shooters! I'm sure it's going to warp my personality somehow over a span of weeks and turn me into a sherioush person because the idea of slender is quite creepy and i cant wait to give it a go.
The graphics just are amazing and its beautiful to see such emphasis on weather it should really be some nightmare i dont have to actually have. It does come out on Xbox right?

Signed, Courtiously Impressed, i gave it a 10 simply "because horror, because graphics"