Horror fans rejoice !! One of the scariest and most excellent low budget games that i have played lately.

User Rating: 8 | Slender: The Arrival PC
Slender The Arrival is a terrifying experience. Every time you play, you're wracked with tension with this game.

In the game you're a regular person, armed with nothing more but a flashlight and a camera, hoping to stave off something you can't even begin to understand and that's what's makes the game truly horrific.

You begin the game with the most basics: make your way to your friend Katy's house etc. The game begins "light" enough, giving absolutely no indication of the horror that's about to follow...

Sounds are excellent and there are probably the top factor that makes this game scary The game graphics are not bad also. Of course this is not Crysis 3 but the shadows and the overall dramatic feeling of the game is greatly represented in this game.

I highly recommend this game to every horror fan out there