Decent while it lasts, but not up to expectations

User Rating: 7 | Slender: The Arrival PC
-This review does contain spoilers-

I have been highly anticipating this game since I played the first Slender and heard of this game's announcement and from the screen shots and from playing the beta I had a good feeling that the game was going to be great. While the game does manage to have some very fun moments, the game has fallen very far from my expectations and is kind of a disappointment. The biggest issue I have with the game is its length: the game lasts a mere five stages and the entire game can be beaten in less than an hour which I find to be way too short. After completing the game I found myself constantly asking "Is that really it?" even hoping that the developers were just pulling my leg and that beating the fifth stage unlocked another set of stages or something, but unfortunately that was not the case. I very much hope that the developers release new stages in the near future to fix the game's dissatisfying length. The other issue I have with the game is that all of the stages are essentially the same concept: you're dropped in a dark area and you have a certain number of objects that you have to collect or activate while avoiding Slenderman and the game does little to vary this up which means that it gets a little stale after while. What really irks me about that is the game is essentially just a map pack for Slender with better graphics. The game doesn't really feel like a game, it feels unfinished and doesn't really add that much from the original Slender in terms of gameplay. Additionally, the game's first stage has essentially no obstacles or challenges at all and the last stage is basically just sprinting towards a tower while battling frustrating invisible barriers followed by a rather lackluster run from Slendy, meaning that the game really only has three stages. The game's new enemy, the Proxy, is also a bit lacking as while he can sprint at you and get close enough to attack you faster than Slenderman can, he loses all threatening qualities once you learn that he can easily be stunned with the flashlight. Learning the plot of the game is also completely optional as you must learn it from collecting various letters and notes located throughout the game, which some may or may not enjoy so much. Though, despite its shortcomings, the game is actually pretty decent. The graphics are a huge improvement over the previous Slender game and look absolutely beautiful. The sound and music work perfectly with the graphics to create a very creepy atmosphere and make the game very immersive. And while the game is essentially the same thing over and over, the gameplay still manages to be fun and delivers a very rewarding horror experience and the game does present quite a bit of replayability. Though, if you can deal with the game's unfulfilling length and its slightly repetitive gameplay, I would definitely recommend playing it as it succeeds very well at creating a very fun and a very scary experience.