Its all about the atmosphere in this horror experience. Prepare to be immersed.

User Rating: 8 | Slender: The Arrival PC
Slender started off a s an indie game where a names character would have to find 8 pages in the dark, while being pursued by a mysterious ghostly figure. very little beyound that is given. But players of this original slender game will find that Slender: Arrival is still just as atmospheric and terrifying as the original. Actually to be honest, this game one upped the horror classic, mainly because they added in a story that feels just as atmospheric as the gameplay and world. The lighting and the graphics only add to this experience. And you will jump, and you most likely have fear creep up your spine. Ever to the music, forest, blades of grass, the sounds effects, all only add tension to the experience.

Do yourself a favor and immerse yourself in Slender: Arrival. And enter the world so close to our own, it will only scare you.