I wish all YouTubers would post slender content like this:

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTWNAWb2OzE&list=PLZZ1CipoRaG3Z5n1k8edGAj-LjT81ffYm&index=1 I think most big YouTubers over react when playing the game and reactions are fake. It annoys me, anyone else feel the same?
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Yeah I will be honest, In GENERAL, I've never been a fan of even the really POPULAR YouTube Let's Players, who use their overreactions to video games as their source of comedy =/ it does seem fake, and while i'm probably the minority of people saying this, it's not entertaining... you get sick of it so quickly! =P but there's definitely some people out there who do keep it legit, and real, and it's hilarious!.. unfortunately they just get overshadowed and have not as many views =/ i'd like to think i'm in this category xD Not sure about the 'funny' part for me though haha the people are the better judge, but I enjoy making the Let's Plays =)
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I agree it's really annoying on the ears. Oh well the game is creepy but not my style. I hate just the run and hide type of horror games, no matter how well made it is boring. It's why silent hill shattered memories was such a shit game.

I prefer to be able to defend myself even if not entirely realistic makes for more enjoyable experience.