Sleeping Dogs ... welcome to the world of the Triads.

User Rating: 9.5 | Sleeping Dogs X360
Sleeping Dogs is a very ambitious game and extremely immersive. I am a big gamer and love gaming in my free time out of class. First off I want to mention that gamespots score for this game is almost as ridiculous as the transvestite whatever who reviewed it. This game has SO much potential to become a huge franchise such a GTA , AC , Halo , GOW , BF , etc. Yes , I know that this will always be compared to GTA ( King of sandbox world games). Well , Square Enix said f*ck that ,and made GTA have a great competitor. Of course this is a new game so it has its quirks to fix , but every game that first comes out does ..thats how they get better. For instance look at AC. Now onto the game haha. In Sleeping Dogs you play and Wie Shen , a Hong Kong native that moved to SF Cali with his family at age 10. He ended up joining SFPD after a highly ambitious resume in law enforcement training. ( Hence why he was chosen to enter the Triads undercover plus his ties to some gang members from childhood.) Now that's all I'll say about the plot. Not to mention I didn't get very far , as I said ...the game immerses the living sh*t out of you lol!
The things I enjoy : 1. gameplay 2. fighting mechanics ( just like batman arkham asylum/city) and plan bad ass 3. graphics ( they really are not that bad..people bi*ch too much) 4. environment ( probably one of best qualities in this just immerses you so well.) 5. Plot ( not your typical yadda yadda shoot him , fu*k her , become king 6. Driving ( actually it's really enjoyable.. again ..people bi*ch too much.) My list could seriously keep going..but you get the point.
Things I did NOT enjoy: 1. Some corny character models and actions ( asian chick seducing me in corner of apartment hallway while facing the wall ....lmao.) 2. Getting used to driving on left side of the road ( I know ...authenticity ...I'll get used to it...I already am. :D ) 3.Cant jump on demand ( but it does no affect gameplay a bit.) 4. nothing else, and to be honest there really is nothing I don't like about this game..I just figured I'd mention MINOR things I noticed..but it is a video game. Flaws are expected. All in all this game has potential to be one of the best on the market , and I'll definitely continue playing this for a long long time until the next one comes out which I'm sure it will. GREAT GAME. Go buy this if you have the money and want a great game. DO NOT listen to bad reviews.. they are just a bunch of babies. This game is freaking amazing. BY THE WAY... this game has a TON of side missions. I think there is 30 main missions , 24 favor missions , 4 police crime cases to solve ( actually take time..not quick solves) and bunch of other easter egg things you can do. Just roaming Hong Kong in itself is a side mission.. SO MANY DISTRACTIONS...