Wicked game! Martial Arts in a free roam game at its BEST! GR8 Vibe, GR8 moves & Tornado kicks :) BUY IT!

User Rating: 9 | Sleeping Dogs X360
This game is absolutely awesome & I've only played the 1st hour of it in which it starts in Hong Kong with a very immersive story which so far is already quite in depth. I'm already impressed only 1 hr into it :)

The Martial Arts moves are very realisticly cool, smooth, flowing & whats good is to throw off your moves you mostly use just the X/Blue button. However the fighting at times requires some quick button pressing to defeat your enemies.

The vibration is awesome (10/10) during melee combat tho I have'nt got as far as using guns yet...but I can already see that this is gonna be a game that I will absolutely fall in love with! I already have & I've only passed the basic Martial Arts moves. Overall movement is really smooth & vaulting over things has never felt better or faster! There's plenty of collectables too & the environment looks really nice & even nicer when ramming an enemy into some environmental piece. Some nice achievements await.......

Graphics (on 360 anyway) are very nice, smooth & vibrant in color. This game is even better than described in the review.

If you are into Martial Arts & some pretty crazy action to follow up on (as I progress thru the game) then this will definitely give you a really good rush! & if you are into Kung fu, then dont rent this, BUY IT! & da action has barely started!!!
Overall score......... 9 easy!