The Definitive Edition is a must buy for action fans.

User Rating: 8 | Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition XONE

"Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition" for the Xbox One is a re-master that includes an artbook and all the DLC that was made for the original game. Initially developed as an entry for the "True Crime" franchise, "Dogs" plays like a cross between "Grand Theft Auto" and "Shenmue". Seemingly inspired by the Asian thriller "Infernal Affairs", the game puts players in the shoes of Wei Shen, a young undercover cop that is tasked with bringing down the ruthless Triad gangs. Some of the illegal activities you partake in include fight clubs, cock fights and street races. At the same time, you can also participate in police assignments such as making arrests and taking down criminal threats. As you progress through the story (which is a good one), you'll be able to upgrade Wei's fighting abilities by visiting martial-art dojos scattered throughout Hong Kong.

"Sleeping Dogs" is a single player game without any online multiplayer modes, but it has about as many options as the similar "Watch Dogs". In addition to being a cop, Wei Shen can also do everyday things like singing at karaoke bars and going out on dates. Gameplay wise, the game is solid, yet feels a bit dated. The shooting, fighting and driving mechanics aren't as smooth as can be. Overall though, this is a remaster that works best for those who didn't play the original 2012 release. It's a better game than any of the "True Crime" titles and it's about as good as "Watch Dogs". The intriguing story and unique setting make it stand out from similar open-world titles. Now that it's priced at only $20 or less at most stores, I'd say it's a must buy. I'd rank it with a 8 out of 10.