They messed up on DLC choices

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No one wants to play as GSP, I mean really what does he have to do with Hong Kong?

If they had their heads screwed on they would of given a DLC Bruce Lee Classic Yellow&Blue jumpsuit with shades. Nothing screams Hong Kong more than Bruce Lee, did the devs even see his statute while they where over there?

I'm just trying to help them make this game cooler and sell more, i'm looking forward to it but man did you SE and UFG mess up bad pouring money down the drain on GSP license rights for DLC. 

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I think there is already the yellow suit in the game. But yeah, GSP isn't the best preorder pack, imo.

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 I sure hope they add in game DLC missions etc. I would like

 this game to play out at least 25 hours ? sure don't want to see donating

 entire stock to multi anything , that's for sure !

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lol how much money could they possibly have to throw into a UFC fighter's likeness, they're not rock stars. if I had any gripe it'd be that they picked a personality who outside of the ring is about as entertaining as cardboard instead of someone like Rampage for example
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The Bruce Lee suit is already in the game, GSP helped refine the combat system with motion capture, that's why he's in it, get over it.
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i wanna play as GSP so if anyone has a GSP code that they didnt use please MSG ME !!!!!!! :)