Sadly... I just beat the game. No spoliers.

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Honestly, I was not expecting such a brillant game. I thought it was just going to be another gta clone but it wasn't.

Damn the last few missions were pretty intense.

It took me 26 hours to beat the game and thats doing everything besides finishing the streetraces and I have 5 more lockboxes to find.

So basically its a really long game if you want it to be.

I love the driving, the graphics are pretty sweet. I basically enjoyed everything about the game. It felt fresh. Different than gta.

I can't wait for some dlc. This game truly is a masterpiece. Im so glad I baught it on day one.

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It's pretty good, far from a masterpiece though. Final boss fight was pretty dull but story-wise it was pretty believable.
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I agree. It really shocked me. So far, it's my GotY.