Help: Stuck at Amanda Kungfu school training, can't pass combo moves

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In the Sleeping Dogs, there is a mission where I'm supposed to drive a blond asian girl "Amanda" to some Kungfu school. I took her there and then the Kungfu master is now testing how 'trained' I'm. so, I'm suppose to do a "sweeping knee kick" or something, the screen instruction says "Left Mouse button, Left Mouse Button, Hold" But whenever I do that, my character randomly kicks and punches. So the mission is not progressing. The dummy opponent is not dying either. I've spent like 20 minutes doing that damn thing so please tell me how to pass this mission? What is the correct key combo for PC game? thanks in advance.
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you have to do it fast and only once its displayed or else it wont count

and it would aslo help to have the exact name of the move...

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You're talking about "Sweep Kick".

So basically just tap the LMB so Wei will punch, then right after that, hold LMB and Wei will sweep kick the opponent.

LMB = left mouse button