Disappointed with this game.

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Im sorry but i had high expectations with this game and yes i did beat it and play it through.

I felt like there should've been more to it like....

More gun fights? There was a too few guns fights for a sandbox game like this and I was hoping the gun fights would be like stranglehold where u dive around with slow mo like the matrix (if you played stranglehold you'd know what im talking about idk how to explain it)

Why wasnt there planes or helicopters with rockets we can fly around and cause chaos? Idk about you but i like blowing up stuff.

Lastly I wished the combat system was more in depth like how it was in True crime streets of NY (I was probably the only one who enjoyed that game.) where you can switch fighter styles like karate,muay thai, Tae kwon doo, Wing chung, and etc.?

These are the elements that would've made this game more entertaining.

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Well although I don't agree with your assessment of the game you are entitled to your opinion.  I loved this game from beginning to end.  Had a really captivating storyline and I thought the Batman style combat was the way to go because it went with the fast paced flow of the action.  I thought this game was actually better than Assassin's Creed 3 and Halo 4 when it comes to the single player component.

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your complaint about no helicopters is a little too harsh and just simply comes from out of nowhere lol.

and i'd say the reason you can't switch martial art styles is because of character/story reasons. In order to create a believable character and world the protagonist wouldn't be a master of multiple and multiple martial arts

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This is Sleeping Dogs, not GTA or Just Cause 2, you can't expect the devs to put every open-world game mechanics in existence into a single product. Also, there's a strict gun law in Hong Kong, and it's a prohibited zone, which explains the limited gunplay and the lack of airplanes.
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I just received this game today from Gamefly after waiting a fricken ETERNITY. I played maybe about an hour so far and it's decent; nothing special certainly, but it's not bad. I got a strong sense of GTA influences from it. I will say the control of Wei feels odd. It doesn't feel smooth especially when sprinting and trying to turn. It feels very stiff and awkward. The combat is fun and I enjoy the emphasis on using the environment to kill enemies. The driving is a bit sensitive (to me, at least). I'm still getting used to it so I'm sure a lot of these first impressions will fade in time as I get more comfortable with the control scheme.