probably the most creative kids game ever

User Rating: 10 | Skylanders Trap Team (Starter Pack) WIIU

I am stating this review after the fact that it has been out for a long time now and it is fairly affordable used with a decent amount of Skylander characters.

I think this game is unbelievable from the point you place the characters on the portal seeing how they all have there own dialogues, even when you trap them you hear them in the trap shields which makes it seem like they are really in there. You will experience amazing graphics going through an adventure, and while playing one has to be thinking how much work they must of put in this game in order to put it all together.

This game is for all-times and I find it strange to see how it did not receive a perfect 10 from reviews when other games like Pokemon and Mario Smash Brothers got a 9.

I also want to mention how amazing Activision is with there customer service, they sent me a free copy of the game after I explained them my kids cracked mine and upon verification I got a new copy. I don't know of many companies who would do that.