At first glance, well done overall. Reasonably good graphics, immersive storyline, clever hardware... But...

User Rating: 4 | Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure X360
When you first look at this game, unless you're a diehard "this ruins Spyro!" person, it will impress you. The graphics are pretty good, the storyline pulls you in and immerses you, and the portal and figures are a very clever hardware edition that can be used cross-platform.

This is all great, and my 11 year old was thrilled with the play. I even spent some time playing too... but then the rest went like this:
- day 1 after getting it: "let's go get some more figurines!"
- day 2 after getting it (approximately 20 hours of play): "I just killed the final boss"

I thought surely he must be mistaken. I looked over everything and sure enough, he'd taken the game through the end of the storyline. in 3 days. Considering we'd spent $90 on the game and figures, I expected more play.

When I contacted Activision their response was "Buy more adventure packs"... but how much more could they possibly add? and at what cost? I'm sorry, but this was just ridiculously short for a $60 game, and he's barely played it since.

Very disappointing.