This gimmick is a disgrace to the Video Game industry and painful to see it as part of the Spyro series.

User Rating: 1 | Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure 3DS
Back then, Spyro used to be the KING! The master of 3D Adventure Games! The games had a bunch of cool Spyroish elements and characters, the music was very impressive, Spyro was a famous and beloved little purple dragon that was very recognizable by his appearance, he was friendly and cocky, the games didn't try too hard, they didn't need any gimmicks, they weren't childish, and it was as if an angel made the games. But then, the Spyro was sold to another company years ago and the franchise experienced a lot of injuries for years. Now they show the Spyro franchise as something completely different and something it once wasn't. A desperate, kid pandering, gimmicky game. After the dreadful and overrated Legend of Spyro trilogy, Activision decided to use the Spyro IP to make this terrible, no god gimmick for money. First off, the graphics are terrible. They look like Super Mario 64 DS and the water looks like it's from Crash Team Racing. The character design is terrible. They took our beloved purple friend and turned him into...some kind of monster! Really. Look up the design and play the game and hear the noises he makes, it's terrible. The game is really unoriginal also. It's a rip-off of Pokemon and Sonic. You collect rings in the game, the levels totally copide the ones from Sonic Adventure, the bosses name is Kaos (as in Chaos from Sonic)and the "Collect them all" thing for the Skylanders is an exaggerattedly obvious knock-off of the "gotta catch em all!" thing from old Pokemon games and is a very very similar concept. The game also didn't pay any homage to the long time Spyro fans at all, they just put Spyro's name in it for very sick reasons. To get the game more attention, a money gimmick, to give the new kids of this generation a bad impression of Spyro and hide his old identity. There's nothing a long time fan of Spyro would like in this game. They didn't bring back any of the original characters,, not even Sparx or Hunter! They only brought that corny Cynder character from TLOS for another gimmick to get the TLOS fans to play it. WHERE'S THE OLD SPYRO STUFF???? WE HAVEN'T SEEN THAT IN AGES! The toy thing is also very stupid, and only kids would like it. You would look really stupid playing with toys on a video game. Another thing that disgusts me about this game is that a lot of the REAL SPYRO FANS begged Activision and Toys for Bob not to release the game, but the companies completely ignored them all and focused on the gimmick for the childeren because the truth is, it's Activision, they don't care about the childeren who like the game, they just care about their parent's money. Infact, that is actually consdered a crim and the companies should have been sue for this.
Overall, I simply detest this game. While Spyro was once the king of 3D games, the other companies ruined Spyro over the years and this one really gave Spyro a bloody reputation, and after this, Activision better release a real Spyro game for us real Spyro fans because they shouldn't be denying fans that have been waiting for a good amount of time for a proper Spyro game.