Skylanders is very enjoyable... if everything works just right

User Rating: 6.5 | Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure PS3
It's been ages since I played something like this, but it does have several issues, or drawbacks in my opinion and yet I really do enjoy it.
This really shouldn't have anything to do with Spryo as some others have pointed out, but the rest of the characters are colourful and delightful as just figures. Reminds me of something a little more kid friendly version of D&D and while you can level them up, it sadly ends at level ten... and if you only have the original three it's hard.

Not a level cap anything, but a level cap!
Not being able to level up and gain more health... not to mention newer abilities, well it limits you as a player and forces you to buy a handful more... it's expensive physical DLC! Usually character(s) don't cost ten dollars unless it comes with a map pack and five characters all together, but hey I get it... the cost of making said figure. Packaging costs and retailer selling them have to make something, I understand that... it's just costly is all I'm saying. As for abilities... sure you can upgrade with the pixie/fairy with money, but once you buy it all it seems like that character just isn't needed any more.

Batteries... are you serious... I mean really?
The portal it's self takes AA batteries it's not like it couldn't have just plugged into either the system threw USB, to charge a battery like the PS3 controller does. Or even just plug right into the wall... either would be ideal to incorporate, because not everyone has rechargeable batteries and it's costly once again. The money that could be saved on batteries could be funnelled into more figures, it's just a side thought when it comes to the whole "it uses batteries."

Now two of my three figures don't register unless I set something like a manual on top of the portal, it's the only way the portal will register "Gill Grunt" and "Trigger Happy." Still "Spryo" works just fine as does my only other figure "Hex"... I shouldn't have to buy more then one of each element, I'm not a huge collector and is already expensive enough. I'd be looking at shelling out sixty bucks in physical character DLC and that's to replace two that came with the game it's self, but still I enjoy the game... and hope to work it out with the retailer I purchased it from.

Hats... really no alternate costumes what so ever?
I really did enjoy the hat's and the attributes that come with it, but no costumes for purchase... at all I mean no point in collecting money. It cannot be transferred to another character, it leaves nothing to be desired once you hit level ten and money earned just keeps adding up. Sure I could reset my character, but I have earned everything I want... sadly you cannot level the other path.

Overall it's a fun simple game, but poorly executed and far more costly then just physical DLC characters. If they made an add on for the portal... I'd go with a PS3 friendly USB hook up design for a battery, that way it would have direct link with the system and not require a signal. I do plan on picking up the four elements I'm missing some time, I really do enjoy the game it's self it's very enjoyable... if everything works properly.