User Rating: 9 | Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure WII
I had speculation about picking this game. But as an avid Spyro fan, I need to get it and try it. The story is very basic but the dialogues are actually funny and I actually enjoyed it. The graphics are beautiful and and the soundtrack doesn't bore you. The gameplay itself is fun and can be quite addictive. The role-playing level up system works nice and gaining new abilities for each of your skylanders brings some new addition as you progress to your game. Also each Skylkanders controls differently from each other. Different attacks, special abilities and attacks. It also has a high replay value and has a lot of potential for expansions. And with the addition of the action figures it gives the game a collectible value. The only down side is the prize but is clearly justified on what your going to get on the starter pack. So everyone try to pick this game and give it a try. Another thing is that it doesn't offer much customization for your characters except choosing an ability path after learning (buying actually) the basic attacks and upgrades.