Don't hate on the new Spyro >:(

User Rating: 8.5 | Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure PS3
Okay have been playing this for awhile now and i'm 21 so lets get that out the way, no i'm not 12. This is a good game, i'm tried of seeing "what have they done to you Spyro" !?!??!! THEY CHANGED IT FOR THE BETTER! yes the old ones are good but no reason to get all mad because they changed it..... it is a fun game so stop just saying its a bad game without playing it and go QQ about something else because this is a great game, and the fact my levels and upgrades save onto my toys of Spyro makes it all the better.....LIFE CHANGES, GET OVER IT HATERS AND GET USE TO THE NEW(BETTER) Spyro :P

and on the side note....your toys transfer and are not system specific....good job Activision you impress me with this one

just play it guys and give it a chance because you might be surprised how easily you lose track of time...