screw Skylanders

User Rating: 1 | Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure X360
Spyro, this was a game title that many of us used to have in our shelf, be it the old ones on playstation or the legend of Spyro on playstation 2. is and will always be a favourite of many people. But Skylanders? is a complete disgrace to the the once loved title of the purple Dragon. they have not only completely ruined both the feel and look but also the story line.and they had the guts to make a second one? this may be okay for the younger generation of gamers, but for those of us who have grown up playing the old ones... i hope they have a very good reason for reinventing and destroying an awesome game. this so called game has also just gone way too far. why bother calling it a spyro game if someone could go through the entire game without even owning the Spyro figurine? the only good thing about this game the invention of the portal. and too all who see this, dont think i havent played it, that was a complete mistake. hours of my life wasted on this.