Dad's perspective

User Rating: 8 | Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure X360

I write this review from the perspective of a Dad with two young boys. This game is great for young kids and easy for a parent to jump in and play with your child and and just as easy to jump out of when household duties are calling. At the time of buying this game my older son was around 5 and my youngest son around 3. The 5yr old could play with out much help, but the 3 yr old needed help unlocking gates and things. They both got the hang of it pretty quick though and would happily play along together and repeat their favourite levels.

We got into the Skylanders craze just as Swapforce was coming out so it was hard to get many Spyro's figures but I found a few extra and also used some from Giants.

Both boys will still go back to the game from time to time even though we got Swapforce shortly after and they generally know which figures are backward compatible so they have a good variety to play with.

In summary, great game to enjoy with your kids, but just be prepared to shell out the $'s for figures.