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To the wizards, I have searched the internet far and wide for an answer to this question and hopefully you will be able to help. Basically, I have literally just bought Spyro's adventure on the xbox 360 (and loving it) but my girlfriend wants to play too. Now obviously (being a bloke) I'm very protective of my games and I don't want her messing with my character stats and such... However, I do want her to play it and enjoy it like me. So I've been looking for a solution other than "buy two sets of the figures" Then I heard whispers...you can get it on the 3DS and the characters don't transfer over... My other half has a 3DS and I am looking at getting it for her on that (Spyro's adventure starter pack) however, I was wondering, if she used my figures on her 3DS would they have different stats? What I mean is my Terrafin is level 5 and has x abilities and if I put it onto my mates xbox those stats would pass over, if she put it on her 3DS would they carry over or would Terrafin be level 1 with no powers until she used him. i.e. Where do the character stats save on the two different consoles and could we both play with the same character figure and have individual stats for our save games? What I have read is very confusing as to how it would work... :S