Wii U wired portal issues

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Anyone else having a problem with their portal not working a good chunk of the time? Sometimes after Ive unplugged the portal from the console it is a pain to get it to work again.

The game gets stuck after you choose Story and it asks to put a Skylander on the portal, but it doesnt do anything regardless of the toy I try to use. I unplug the portal then a prompt comes up saying cant find the portal, I plug it back in, it stops again waiting for a toy to be put on it, I do and nothing.

I usually have to turn the system off and restart the game several times to finally get it to work because it doesnt allow you to go back or use the Home button while it is waiting for a toy. Ive almost considered calling Activision -shudder- to inquire if my portal is defective is that it doenst happen all the time.

Once it starts working it works fine, just that sometimes when starting the game the portal doesnt read any of the figures. though Ive had my friend say that waiting until after the system is already turned on before plugging in the portal seems to help.