Which New Characters will work with Spyro's Adventure

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(Having trouble posting, because something was automatically censored, and I cannot figure out why. After 5 tries, I am cutting the message into parts)

Have any of you bought Giants, series 2, and new characters, and decided to go back and try them on Spyro's Adventure?

When I decided to buy Skylanders, the only game the store had was Giants, which came with
Giant Tree
Series 2 Cynder
New Character Air Jet Vac

Now, I want Spyros Adventure, and am unsure as to what characters to buy.

1) Are any of the Light and Series 2 characters designed to be retro, without their extra powers?

2) What about Giants? I doubt if Giants will work (and I had wanted Nin Scarlet). Can the Giants play as Generic Beings?

3) What about Light figures (as playable characters, even with out the Light ability?

4) What about Series 2?

Which will you recommend to add?

I MADE A LIST of characters that would be best to add to finish Giants, but it would be a waste if they cannot play Spyros, too.

The censor will not allow my innocent list. Zap, prism, robot, scarlet.

If these characters cannot play Spyro's Adventure, then what characters would you recommend?

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I fell into some answers.

I went to Target, and they had the Starter Pack of Skylanders Spyro's Adventures on sale for $39.99. I don't need the Portal, but I couldn't beat the price.

So, the pack had the game and Spyro, Gill Grunt, and Trigger Happy.

Target, also, had a 3-pack of characters marked "Skylanders Giants" with three Lightcore figures (Prism Break, Eruptor, and Drobot). The package specifically had a red X by Spyro, and a green check mark for Giants, indicating the figures could not be used for Spyro''s Adventure.

I bought the pack, anyway, because it would complete all the characters I needed for Giants.

All three Lightcore figures worked. Go figure.

Now, let's see what gets censored ???