Tooo Many Figs!!!!

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okay guys i need some help here.

on blakc friday i got both starter sets (spyro's eadventures, and giants)

so as of right now i have Series 1 Gill Grunt, S1 Spyro, S1 Trigger Happy, Series 2 Cynder, S2 Sonic Boom, Giants Tree Rex, and Giants Jet Vac.

now what i need help with is i want to know what version of each character i should get. That being said i woant to make sure i get the best version as in stats and abilities. i want to get the best possible version of each that way i can avoid buying dupes.

However i know this may be difficult considering they have some that you can only get in triple packs thus inevitably buying a dupe.

Any way i just wanted to get a little more knowledge on this before i start to destroy my wallet.

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I'd say first be really REALLY sure you love the game enough to spend lots fir it, give it a week or two and then give yourself some kind of limitation (2 figures or 25$ each month)

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my solution was to just have 2 creatures for each element, so buying assorted packs first and completing later with separate creatures, so I'll have only 2 or 3 Giants in the end

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Seems we're both in a smilar situation. Here is the research I have gathered:

Since you are getting the two starter packs, that should mean you have (1): Water, Tech, Magic and Undead that will work with BOTH of the games. You also have (1) life (TreeRex) and (1) air (Jet-Vac) who will work only with Skylanders Giants (since Tree is a Giant and Jet is a new character for Giants that was not present in Spyro's Adventures.) 

This means that for maximum cross-game playability you are going to need (1) Air, Earth, Life and Fire. *OR* You could get Earth and Fire and then decide if you love the games enough to fill in the missing gaps. 

To make sure that a character is compatable with both games, check the front of the box and make sure there are green check marks next to "Works With..." which is to the right of the character's name on the box. 

As for choosing the best characters, you can learn the characters stats on the Skylanders Wiki. You might also want to watch some character footage videos on YouTube. Classic Game Room has done a nice series of showing off each character in general, or you could check out CoinOp TV's Skylanders 101 for a more in depth presentation. 

Consider the characters you already have. How do you like to play? Fast? Slow? Up Close? Far away? Lots of direct attack abilities, or characters who have some defense / support? 

Last and most important, don't let it stress you out. :) Depending on how you want to play--collecting the figures for artistic reasons, just looking to get things unlocked, or w/e--the important thing is to have fun. Good luck!