Starter packs?

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Hey guys.  Thinking about getting this for my son for Christmas, but I ws thinking of getting the Spyro's adventure starter pack.  If I get that game, do they sell just the new disk for this one?  I don't want to buy both starter packs and have two portals.

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there's a "booster pack", with only the Game and the earth Giant creature for the people that already have the "portal" and some "small" creatures, but the price is just 10$ less than the starter for Giants (could be some lower prices in some shops) ; I was in the same position and watched on ebay as some people sell the elements split and got my PS3 game for about 40 instead of 60 for the game + portal + 1 giant + 2 "small"

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Your best option depends on whether you are buying for PS3, Wii, or Xbox 360.

Once you get Spyro's Adventure you DO have a portal, *but* if you're buying for Wii or PS3 it is a battery operated one which means you will end up spending additional money. 

The second game (Skylanders Giants) is $60 for the game + a copy of TreeRex, or it is $75 for Game + Portal + TreeRex + Jet-Vac + Cynder.

The characters are $10 a piece, so if you are getting the PS3 or Wii version and only have the battery operated portal, you're saving $5 off an additional character and lord knows how much on batteries. 

If you're on 360 it's a tougher call and totally up to you. Gopd luck!