end of game?

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I have a Wii consule Is chapter 16 the end of the game? I see 33% complition but I have no way to get to the next level...
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Have you had an answer to your query. My six year old son is also experiencing the same problem, he had the game for Christmas, has achieved one star in all levels, but he now doesn't know how to proceed further, surely this can't be the end of the game already? Please let me know if you have the answer. Many thanks Helen
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Not the end of game - plenty to still do as they state when you finish the story mode - you can continue to go back to chapters via chapter select - find all hats / gems / complete all tasks as to get 3 stars on every chapter - you can view whats needed - start a chapter then press "start" go into objectives - your challenged to complete the level within a set time - find the treasures etc. Complete all the arena challenges etc. - still plenty of game time in there thats for sure - if your on the xbox 360 you also get an achievement for completing the game on the insane hard mode which is only unlocked once completing story mode once. - Enjoy
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I don't believe you can "complete" all the quests and achievements without at least 7 figures.  Some areas are not available unless you have a thing from a certain "element", etc.

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Basically, you spend $75 for a starter game with 16 chapters, a game pad, and 3 figures, which will finish the basic game. If you have the Spyros game and pad, you can play the basic game.

Additional figures are about $10 each, with a minimum or 7 needed to get everything.

Then, there are 4 adventure packs -- called Chapter 17, 18, 19, and 20 (If you have the Prima Guide).

Look the game up on the internet, and see why Activision is making so much money on the game -- and why Disney is going to give a portal with figures a try, even though Disney cannot even do the simple programming of Epic Mickey games.