Skylanders Cloud Patrol Cheats For iOS (iPhone/iPad)

  1. Achievements

    Complete list of Game Center Achievements

    Complete 10 goals. Amateur (10 pts)
    Shoot down 100 missles. Anti-Air Defenses (20 pts)
    Spend over 100000 coins! Big Spender (20 pts)
    Skip a goal. Change is Good (10 pts)
    Shoot 4 missles in a single combo! Connect the Dots (20 pts)
    Die from bombs 20 times. Consolation Prize (20 pts)
    Get a MAX combo 50 times. Efficient (20 pts)
    Complete a goal with a Skylander of each element. Face the Elements (20 pts)
    Get to Level 51 to upgrade your Cloud Patroller Badge. Golden Badge (100 pts)
    Clear 50 areas in one run. Healthy Obsession (50 pts)
    Clear 10 Troll Hideouts! Home Wrecker (10 pts)
    Get a MAX combo 200 times. It's Super Effective! (50 pts)
    Earn over 7500 coins in one run. Jackpot (50 pts)
    Complete 50 goals. Journeyman (20 pts)
    Complete 200 goals. Master (50 pts)
    Fully upgrade a Magic Item. Maximum Magic (20 pts)
    Clear 25 areas in one run. Neat Freak (20 pts)
    Shoot 100 Sheep. Ovinophobia (20 pts)
    Earn over 3000 coins in one run. Paycheck (20 pts)
    Complete a goal a day for a week straight. Persistent Patroller (20 pts)
    Change goals 10 times. Picky Player (10 pts)
    Unlock your first Magic Item. Ready to Rock N Roll (10 pts)
    Clear 100 Troll Hideouts! Shock and Aww Yeah (20 pts)
    Clear 20 areas in one run without getting a combo. Tappy-go-lucky (20 pts)
    Earn 250000 coins lifetime. The 1% (50 pts)
    Die in the 42nd area of your run. The Answer (20 pts)
    Unlock a Skylander of each element. The Collector (50 pts)
    View the credits. The Creators (10 pts)
    Unlock your first Skylander. The First of Many! (10 pts)
    Clear 10 areas in one run. Tidy Up (10 pts)
    Destroy 1000 objects. Wrecking Ball (20 pts)

    Contributed by: Elranzer