The Good :Graphics , Good Game play not to hard to figure out The Bad : need more better moves , and better dialog

User Rating: 7 | Skullgirls PS3
i have played the demo what i see its good the graphics are amazing for one the game play is just like Marvel vs Capcom so if fans of that will like this game so to me i say try the demo to get a feel for it and then go buy it okay. but to me i just played the demo and what see is not bad i just hope they have a good online play different modes and good dlc to download then the game would be good to me fighting games are fun unless you have a good story line , game modes that are long not short , good dlc ,good online multi player , my fav are bloody roar , tekken , street fighter alpha series , some mortal kombat and last i would say Marvel vs Capcom but yah i say check the demo and then buy it :) PS another thing i like to know what u think of my review for this game thanks everyone and check out my new blog about the new remake to devil may cry game i want to know what you guys think about what i said about it cheers


7 out 10