SkiFree Cheats For PC

  1. Turn stumps into mushrooms

    When you are going down the slope and see a stump, stop directly under it and go up. The stump will turn in to a mushroom.

    Contributed by: Bob The Cow 

  2. Turbo mode

    Press f during game play to gain a turbo boost.

    Contributed by: CDBavg400 

  3. Slow mode

    Press S during game play to slow down your speed.

    Contributed by: CDBavg400 

  4. Set trees on fire

    Jump over a dead tree (one that is all brown) and it will be set on fire

    Contributed by: zAcK0831 

  5. Super Slow

    Hold down Shift and press Y while skiing to go even slower than slow mode

    Contributed by: nintendofan99 

  6. Get Eaten by the Yeti

    Once you have finished your slalom/freestyle race, ski 200 metres past the finish point. A yeti will then come out and eat you.

    Contributed by: Truck_1_0_1_ 

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