Ski Jumping Pro VR Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

    Win 4 Hills tournament. 4 HILLS TOURNAMENT
    Reach level 30. ADVANCED
    Reach level 10. BEGINNER
    Finish all Career events with gold medals. CHAMPION
    Collect all equipment from the Pattern V7 set. CHECKMATE
    Win any cup without taking the lead until the last event. COMEBACK
    Win Continental Cup. CONTINENTAL CUP
    Collect all equipment from the Elite set. ELITE
    Perform 15 jumps with flow. FEEL THE FLOW!
    Collect all equipment from the Fire Series set. FIREBALL
    Collect all equipment from the Pro Glide set. GLIDER
    Collect all equipment from the Tech set. HIGH TECH
    Reach level 20. INTERMEDIATE
    Beat every hill record. LEGEND
    Reach level 50. MENTOR
    Win event for the first time in the Career mode. NEW HOPE
    Beat hill record for the first time. NEW RECORD!
    Finish a Career and start a new one NEW SEASON
    Reach level 40. PROFESSIONAL
    Win Ski Flying World Cup. SKI FLYING WORLD CUP
    Collect the full set of Ski Jumper Pro VR trophies. SKI JUMPER PRO
    Get 20 points from every judge. STYLISH
    Collect all equipment from the Supra set. SUPERHERO
    Win Team Tour. TEAM TOUR
    Get excellent notes for every part of the training jump. TRAINED
    Win World Cup. WORLD CUP

    Contributed by: Mookiethebold