I've spent more than 100 hours on it, beat the game, got 1000 gamerscore on it, and I'm still loving the game!

User Rating: 10 | Skate 2 X360
What can I say about Skate 2? I can say that it is a cult classic, a highly addictive game that I cannot put down to this day. The controls may take a while to get used to, but it's all worth the time and effort. I had the first Skate game, which was amazing when it came out; Real revolutionary. But Skate 2 really is the ultimate skating simulator. The main story of the game is pretty fun, and it immerses you into the world of New San Vanelona. After you beat the main story, you can complete challenges of the newly added Hall of Meat bail system, or the classic Own the Spot. The online multiplayer is very fun with many different modes, such as Jam, Best Trick, and Hall of Meat among others. The rank system is also very structured. There is a lot more character customization in Skate 2 than in Skate, and dirt and blood develops on your skater as he/she bails. The new camera modes for the replay editor allow you to upload your videos or pictures directly to the Skate 2 skate.reel so you can share your creations. Unlike Skate, this game has an all new camera mode that lets you choose any angle you'd like the camera to record or take a snapshot of your skater. Let me put it this way; If you love Skate, or any skateboarding games, you will adore Skate 2.