Well the first game was awesome but this is greater than awesome, read on to see more

User Rating: 9.5 | Skate 2 X360
never have I seen a game with so formidable a plot (even though there is none).never having this game is like no icing to cake and no jelly to peanut butter & jelly.if you have the time, rent it but if you have enough money, buy it and treasure it forever. the addition of the walk feature has surely helped players get up those dumb stairs and the ability to bail whenever you want has amused people in those funny bail videos back at good 'ol you-tube!!(not advertising) the new tricks in the game looks so sick that you just want to hit the replay editor over and over again.since it's release people have been buying this game as if it were chocolate-vanilla ice cream double Decker with sprinkles on top.to those who waited at the back line for hours and wanted to go home after the store got closed down right before you got the game, here is your chance to redeem your game since the price levels dropped through the months but around this time next 2 years, you may have forgotten about skate 2 and went on to skate 3 but that is okay since games don't last forever.