Everythngs perfect about this game.......Well when i say Everything..

User Rating: 9.5 | Skate 2 X360
Skate 2 is the sequel from the famous Skate 1. So you would be expecting everything to be alot better than the 1st one. So is everything better than the 1st one......Sort of.

The thing about skate 2 is that they have come up with lots of neat things like moving objects getting of your board and more tricks. They have done a really good job with the city because it has cougar mountain wich is alot better than the hills of res and they have the place next to the beach wich has some ill spots but i am not going to go into much detail about that. The other thing is moving objects wich can be really fun because you can create your own spot then after you are finished creating it you can upload your spot online so other pepole can have a go at it. Another extra is th hall of meat wich basicly means you can create your own bail and make it look alot more painfull. It can be fun if you make it look really painfull or really funny but it really is a b**h when you just bail when doing a small grind because it starts going really slow and the bail looks really bad and just pisses you off wasting your time. It would of been alot better if they had only put it in slow motion f the bail was going to like quite sore. The big extra is getting of you board which sound really cool but the controls do lack a bit and it can really get annoying. The storyline is a bit like the first one but its a bit more harder because you get really s**t challenges like "Can You Spell Girl" wich will make you want to shot yourslef and the other one wich is "Slam Dunk". But the thing i really liked the most about this game was the city wich is filled with tons of skateparks and polls and ill spots and also you can create you own spot wich makes it a big treat.

The Good

1. The New San Van

2. The New Tricks

3. Creating Your Own Spot

4. Hall Of Meat

5. Changing Your Skater

6.Getting Off Your Board

The Bad

1.Walking (The Lack Of Controles)

2.The Impossible Challenges