Skate 2 is an awesome sequel that doesn't dissapoint

User Rating: 9.5 | Skate 2 X360
Skate 2 has a great story, great graphics, and great sound but it has some added things that aren't that great.

Skate 2 runs basically just like Skate 1 but with more tricks and you can get off your board which is awesome. The game is realistic which is great but I think they went overboard on some things. The game still takes place in San Vanelona but security got tighter so now there are more no skate zones, a lot of great skate spots have caps on them so you can't grind and a lot of pools have water. You can call people to remove the caps and drain the pools and hire big black if you need to get some stuff done in the no skate zones but you have to pay for it and if you get knocked down by a security guard in that area the caps will go back on the rail and the pool will be filled with water so you have to pay more and those are the reasons why I didn't give this game a perfect score because it takes away the freedom from the first game. Other than those skate 2 is great. You still have death races; own the spot, the game of S.K.A.T.E. the story is basically the same as Skate 1 with going into the skateboard mag and thrasher then eventually getting on the covers, getting sponsored, and winning the San Van-A- Slamma. You can also move objects to create skate spots which are a nice touch.

Overall Skate 2 is an awesome game and shouldn't be missed by any skateboard fan or anyone that liked the first game.