This is a great game!

User Rating: 9.5 | Skate 2 X360
Skate 2 is an a-maz-ing game that I recommend to just about anyone that is in to the skating games out there. Skate 3 came out a couple of months ago but i haven't got the chance to play it yet, so, I cant say much about that. If you get the chance to play Skate 2, PLAY IT! The plot to the game is that the city "New San Vanelona" is being taken over by a company who is against skating so your job is to join the revolution against them so they bring back skating to the city. I hope who ever reads this gets the idea to buy the game or rent it just so they can play it. It is WAY better than the Tony Hawk series, (I don't recommend the Tony Hawk games because they are not very good) I will try the new Skate 3 when i get the chance and I will probably review that one also. The customizations for your board and clothes are great there are very VERY many options, just to fit the style the you are looking for. I like how you can move objects to the right place because you can some really cool jumps.