Finally I can step off my board!!!

User Rating: 9.5 | Skate 2 X360
Best Skate game - hands down.

Compared to the first title this game has vastly improved controls and graphics , the camera issues are all fixed , and there are more tricks to do - not to mention you can now get off your board and walk around - move objects , and interact with the world with more than just your trucks , nose and tail.

The map is a little texture compared to the first game - and significantly more cluttered. At first this was a little annoying but you get used to it right quick and start to appreciate all the little nuances that the world has to offer.

Without a doubt this map is the best in the series - and this game is better than it's predecessor and it's successor.

The walking controls are pretty slack - but at least you can walk - so for now we'll look beyond that and applaud the developers for refining the already amazing controls.