This game is amazing,enough said.But read my full review to find out more...

User Rating: 10 | Skate 2 X360
Hello,thanks for reading my review on Skate 2.I would just like to say that this is my first review so sorry if I make any mistakes.Hope it's helpful.Enjoy!

I bought this game about a week ago and I must say,I think that was one of the best ways to spend £23.I didn't get the the first game in this series,Skate, because when i found Skate 2 I looked up reviews for it and saw that they all said it was good but I also saw that a lot of them said it is a lot better than Skate,so I figured I may aswell just get Skate 2.Anyway...

The game starts off with you just being let out of jail (i'm not sure what for maybe you find out in the first game) and you get to customize you player Male/Female your choice.There are many different combinations to choose from and you can decide whether they are fat,thin,bearded,stubbled,hairy,bold,stylish,not stylish.It's all up to you.There is also downloadable and unlockable content(clothes,skateparks ect.).

The game it's self is fantastic but sometimes very very rarely when using the right stick (on controller)to do one trick you may end up doing another but it's not that common so don't make that a reason to not buy this fabulous game.It is a very detailed game.It is medium difficulty because some of the challenges are frustrating but addictive and some are very easy.But all of them are fun.Don't listen to other reviewers when they say that the civilians drop litter every where and ruin the game because it doesn't.

So overall i rate this game 9.5/10 truly because it is incredible.Must buy.

Thanks for reading see ya round,