No matter what you say, I enjoy playing this game. definitely packs a bigger punch than the last one.

User Rating: 9.5 | Skate 2 X360
Playing this game, you'll fall in love.
The guys at Black Box gave us a great sequel to the highly-coveted Skate.
its a lot more tricks, smoother gameplay, & a lot more spots to rip.
Create-A-Skater feels much deeper, so you feel like its really your character.
Skate. 2's also a lot more challenging than Skate., especially later in the game. But that doesn't make it any less fun.

Now there are some things that should've been tweaked a bit more in the Black Box lab.
Such the off-board walking/running. it tends to glitch as if you're still holding the board, when you're not.
TWO HUGE problems for me is all these damn "pedestrians" getting in the way of my skating(i.e. grinds, gaps, blasts) & how the Pro's & other skaters don't even care if you're in the middle of a trick, they'' just run right through you & drop you; messing up lines in contests. =/
The story seems to get lost at times; would be better if it was more in-depth.
Also the selection of outfits are bit more diverse, which is good; but it feels like its less.

All-in-all, Its a great game. You'll have fun. I sure did.