Skate 2, the most fun and entertaining skating game that I have ever played.

User Rating: 9 | Skate 2 X360
Skate 2 has many activities that you can enjoy. One of these activities is called Career Mode. In Career mode you start of as a legend that came back from jail. People forgot about you and your objective is to make them remember. You can do many things in Career Mode like skate for "Thrasher Magazine" and "The Mag." As your way to becoming the once was legend you meet other pro and street skaters like Rob Dyrdek and Danny Way. Once you get far enough in the game you will be given the chance to get board, shoe, truck, and wheel sponsors. For board you can earn Plan B and move on to becoming a better skater. If you want to just skate for fun you can go to Freeskate. There you have the map in Career mode but no objectives. For Party Play you can have up to 4 people at one time with just one controller. You earn Places and People through Career mode and are able to play in Party Play. X-box Live has great features including the ability the skate with your friends. The downloadable content gives you two new skateparks. So go ahead and buy your copy, and you'll be amazed with the playable content of Skate 2.