Sisters Royale: Five Sisters Under Fire Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

    All 5 Sisters Cleared Once 5 Sisters Cleared
    Obtained Player Rank SS or Higher for All Sisters 5 Sisters Master
    Collected 80 Coins Scattered in One Hit in Normal Play All Goes Well
    Over 100,000 x8Actions Done in Normal Play Audacious
    Defeated All Bosses Without Lighting Lamps in Stage 4 in Normal Play Cat-eyed Sister
    Cleared Stage Without Defeating Low-Level and Mid-Tier Enemies During Single Session in Normal Play Compassionate
    Game Cleared with Score over 2,000,000,000 Points Demon Score
    Defeated All Bosses by Using Summoning Skills in Stage 5 in Normal Play Devil King Hunter
    No Continuation Cleared Once Dodge Pro
    EASY Mode Cleared Once Easy Mode Cleared
    Ece Cleared Once Ece Cleared
    Ece got over SS Rank Ece Expert
    Ece got over S Rank Ece Master
    Made All Secret Fairies Appear in Stage 3 During One Session in Normal Play Encounter
    Defeated 100% of Low-Level Enemies, Mid-Tier Enemies, and Bosses in All Stages Exterminator
    Obtained All Secret Fairies in All Stages During One Session Fairy Collector
    Hard Mode with No Continuation Cleared God of Dodge
    HARD Mode Cleared Once Hard Mode Cleared
    Cleared Stage in HARD Mode Without Taking a Single Coin from Chest Set in Normal Play Indifferent
    Lale Cleared Once Lale Cleared
    Lale got over SS Rank Lale Expert
    Lale got over S Rank Lale Master
    Over 1,000,000 Coins Obtained in Normal Play Millionaire
    Rode Ice for Over 30 Seconds in Stage 2 During One Session in Normal Play Nice Skater
    NORMAL Mode Cleared Once Nomal Mode Cleared
    Nur Cleared Once Nur Cleared
    Nur got over SS Rank Nur Expert
    Nur got over S Rank Nur Master
    Game Cleared with No Damage Taken Omnipotent
    Game Cleared without Using Bombs Peacemaker
    Selma Cleared Once Selma Cleared
    Selma got over SS Rank Selma Expert
    Selma got over S Rank Selma Master
    Got All Trophies SisRo Master
    Sonay Cleared Once Sonay Cleared
    Sonay got over SS Rank Sonay Expert
    Sonay got over S Rank Sonay Master
    Got SSS Player Rank SSS Player
    Game Cleared with All Scenes Watched Storyteller
    Survived Over 40 Seconds in Overtime During Boss Battle in Normal Play Tagging Master
    Played Over 30 Times in Total in Normal Play Thank you!♡
    Destroyed All Tombs in Stage 1 During One Session in Normal Play Tomb Breaker
    Game Cleared by Only Shooting True Shooter
    Game Cleared by Only Summoning Use True Skill

    Contributed by: Mookiethebold