I don't know what to thnk about this game, I like the idea of it but its very challening

User Rating: 7.9 | Forbidden Siren PS2
First off I think this is a cool game but it is very challenging. Using the sightjack is a very cool feature but sometimes you HAVE to use it to know were the enemy is, so in other words it requires loads of patience. Alot of the time you HAVE to sneak past your enemies when you just want to kill the hell out of them, and when you do attack them they don't even die they just stay down for a short while but that does make you nervous to get away from the enemy as soon as possible because he will get you. But if you rush in this game you could easily miss something because you really have to think hard to find out what to do next it doesn't give you clues. But overall a good horror game but could be a bit better