Prepare to die.

User Rating: 5 | Forbidden Siren PS2
Siren takes a blind swing at the Japanes horror-survival game and misses, only to manage to punch itself in the kidneys. The graphics in this game are great. That's about the only nice thing that I can say. You play as several different characters who each have different qualities that allow them to be killed by the invincible super army of hyper-intelligent zombies with extreme malice. I like to think that I'm a pretty good gamer. Sure, I haven't won any national Halo tournaments, but I can still hold my own quite well in most video game settings. Siren put me to shame. To start things off, you can't kill the zombies. You can hurt them to the point where they fall down, but they will soon get back up and swipe you to death. Not only that, but the game gets harder every time you bring down a zombie for a few seconds. I can appreciate good AI in enemies. It really adds to the challenge of a game. However, the AI in this game probably knows your credit card numbers and mother's maiden name by the time you've played the game for more than 5 minutes. I must also mention that the soul-lacking husks of people are actually military-quality snipers. Despite the heavy fog in all the "levels," if you get within three miles of one that has a gun, you will be instantly killed. Siren lets you sight-jack into the eyes of the Shibito, but all this allows you to do is figure out the likelyhood of which one is going to kill you first. But wait, during several levels you have NPCs to help you. Great! For example, in one level you have to lead a blind girl around and try to avoid the death you know is coming anyway. The NPCs in this game are about as helpful as trying to navigate a minefield with a dead cow chained to your leg while tripping on acid. I would recommend this game to masochists and speed tweakers with a lot of time on their hands.