Siren is not everyone's game. You'll either fall in love with it or just leave it to gather dust in your shelf.

User Rating: 9.1 | Forbidden Siren PS2
Siren is not your typical survival horror game. Some brand new game mechanics have been introduced in the genre and the game became a "love or hate it" experience. For starters, you do not play as a single character. As the story unfolds, you're given control of several people involved in the plot. The story takes place in an island where most of the inhabitants are turning into cunning shibito (literally: dead people). The game is divided into chapters where all the clues must be found in order to "open" further chapters and plots. Sometimes you have to play the same chapter over and over again to realize what you must do in order to continue the game. Sometimes these "quests" are almost invisible and you'll probably find yourself running around over and over again trying to find out what to do. That's the only thing that prevented the game from being perfect. The characters differ greatly, you're given control of physically inapt and unarmed characters as well as average built individuals with guns and mellee weapons. In general, you're more limited in weapons, speed and combat capabilities than in RE or SH games. As a matter of fact, some characters do not possess any combat capabilities at all and you musthide and sneak past zombies on the whole chapter. My favorite character is Harumi, an 6-year-old japanese girl left alone in a zombie infested house. You're often required to go through the same chapter with different characters what is a fun and rewarding experience since handicapped or unarmed characters must find alternate paths to survive. Shibitos are far from mindless zombies, they are cunning and use both mellee weapons and guns. You'll even have to face some sniper shibitos! I loved the "ring" atmosphere that permeates all the game and did not bother by some voice acting issues or weird translations. To me, it was a fun and well executed alternate path to survival horror games. It's closer to reality than SH or RE and definetely a remarkable experience to survival horror freaks.