This game is right up there with AOE franchise, meaning, a game I will play until I die.

User Rating: 8.5 | Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion PC
Rebellion is a polished version of the original SOASE and xpacs b4 it, with a few extra additons. This game doesn't need a sp campaign, but if it had one, I'm sure the score would be a 9 from alot of people. Me, I can't stand sp, I'd rather do skirmishes all day, and this game provides that perfectly. AI to me is fun and engaging, graphics are nice, music is ok, controls are alright, still have a little quirky feel when selecting the actual planets, although not as evident like it was with the xpacs and original. What I mean is, you have to make sure you select the middle of the planet, a minor gripe, kinda, but selecting the planets icon works well. The fact this is a space game, makes me bias towards it, but there have been several space sims/4x/rpg titles that were absolute fail. This game has longevity written all over it. How many lan games let you save? How many rts' are as deep and long as SOASE? How many rts' have the mod tools that SOASE has? SOASER is a game I can see playing when I'm old and grey period. I love games, but then there are AOE and SOASER, two franchises that will get more play time then any other game in my life, and continue to play until I can't play anymore. Thank you stardock for an excellent all around space 4x rts.