Solid Game, will give you hours of fun

User Rating: 8 | Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion PC
I am not every experienced yet with this game but so far I can see that it is very solid. The new features are excellent and I like the fact that there are more ways to win the game, just like in Civilization. For new comers, I can tell you that this is a complicated game to get use to, but do not let that put you off because good strategy games will be complicated, and these are where big PC titles are at its best. The only criticism I have is that the game is almost the same as the last sins, but just more improved. I did expect the game to look very different just like how Civilization 4 changed to Civ 5 for example. But Rebellion is worth getting because it is far better than the original. So many new features which puts a larger impact for strategy. Puss, the game is more stable than the original following with improved graphics. Basically, Rebellion replaces the old Sins.