SingStar Cheats For PlayStation 3

  1. Trophies

    Complete each condition to get the allotted Trophies. There are 21 Bronze Trophies, 8 Silver Trophies, 5 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

    Trophy Trophy
    Have a media upload viewed over 200 times in its first week online All Eyes On You (Silver)
    Achieve a very, very low score At Least You Tried (Bronze)
    Beat our resident SingStar! - score over 9344 on hard mode on any 'normal' length song Beat Bravo! (Gold)
    Sing 50 songs Beginner Singer (Bronze)
    Have a media upload viewed over 100 times in its first week online Center Of Attention (Bronze)
    Chatterboxes (Bronze)
    View 100 snapshots, 100 audio playbacks and 100 video playbacks Gallery Gazer (Bronze)
    Play 50 songs in Sing Solo mode Go It Alone (Silver)
    Play SingStar on Christmas Day Happy Holiday! (Bronze)
    Play the game on the day the original SingStar premiered in Europe Happy SingStar Day! (Bronze)
    Play 200 songs in Battle mode In It To Win It (Silver)
    Change your wallpaper 5 times Interior Decorator (Bronze)
    Play 200 songs in Duet mode It Takes Two (Silver)
    It's Good To Share (Bronze)
    Achieve a 'cool' ranking on every line of a 'normal' length song Keep It Cool (Bronze)
    Win a battle on hard difficulty, while your opponent plays on easy Leagues Apart (Silver)
    Save 200 pieces of media Media Mogul (Bronze)
    Play 10 medleys Medley-Go-Round (Bronze)
    Visit 50 different Profile pages Meet The Locals (Bronze)
    Complete a song using the camera feed option Mirror Image (Bronze)
    Sing 300 songs Obsessive Singer (Gold)
    Receive 200 visits to your Profile page Pillar Of The Community (Silver)
    Make 5 SingStar friends Popularity Contest (Bronze)
    Get a grand total of 8000 views from all your media ever SingStar Celebrity (Gold)
    Sing your first song SingStarter (Bronze)
    Rate 30 different pieces of media Star Maker (Bronze)
    Super Singer Bronze (Bronze)
    Score over 9000 on 5 different songs on Hard Super Singer Gold (Gold)
    Score over 9000 on 5 different songs on Medium Super Singer Silver (Silver)
    Have a media upload rated 4 stars by at least 1000 ratings They Really Love Me (Gold)
    Sing 100 songs Veteran Singer (Silver)
    Receive 50 visits to your Profile page Welcoming Party (Bronze)
    Window Shopper (Bronze)
    Collect every trophy in the game You Are A SingStar (Platinum)
    Fill every bonus note in a 'normal' length song Your Golden Moment (Bronze)

    Contributed by: Guard Master